Know this all ye peoples…


We are the Steppe Alliance

And we do declare:

We are the Keepers of the Balance, we see the good in that which is evil, and the evil in that which is good. We pledge ourselves to neither side, but vow instead to preserve the balance that exists between the two.

We are the Preservers of the Cycle, and vow that all the abominable creatures who are outside the natural Cycle will be destroyed.

We are Guardians of the Land, and understand that to truly free the land from tyranny you must first free the spirit of its people.



All brothers and sisters of the Steppe Alliance do pledge:

  • To respect the Land, as we are the guardians of it for our children. Never take from the Land without first giving something back;

  • To respect our Ancestors, as they are the source of our wisdom;

  • To respect all creatures of our Mother. Not to allow our brothers and sisters to suffer. To always share our feast with the beggar;

  • In order to take the cause of another, we seek honour. We do not sell nor tarnish our blades, for to do so will tarnish our honour;

  • To call no man nor woman Lord, as we have many brothers and sisters;

  • Not to take from a brother or sister by deception, for our brothers and sisters will give freely if required;

  • That if we choose to call a brother or sister foe, then neither of us shall rest until one lies dead or we break bread in peace;

  • That we live in harmony with the Land. Those who choose to fix dwellings to the Land are prepared for when the Land will choose to move them for us;

  • To follow the Tenets of Hospitality at all times.


Tenets of Hospitality

A visitor to your home should always be greeted as a brother, with refreshment and sustenance, in honour of their journey to reach you.

By accepting hospitality your visitor accepts the status of brother to all Steppe while within your home. All brothers must honour them as such.

If the visitor takes any aggressive action against you or anyone that you have called a brother, they do so at the forfeit of their own life.



To ensure that all views are heard, the Steppe Alliance shall choose a brother or sister to be the Voice of the People. The Voice of the People shall wield the Sword of Veto, giving them the deciding vote at Table.

When brothers and sisters of the Steppe gather to share views and information, or to decide upon a course of action, this is known as Table.

  • A brother or sister can call Table at any time.

  • No brother or sister may be excluded from Table.

  • The Voice of the People is in charge of all Tables.

  • To speak at Table, a brother or sister must first place a token upon the Table itself. If you speak on behalf of a Group, then the token should reflect that group.

  • All brothers and sisters get a vote at Table, regardless of whether they have chosen to speak.

  • If the discussions are relevant only to a small number of brothers and sisters, then they can choose to have their own Table.

  • If a brother or sister chooses to sit at such a Table who is not of that number, they may share their views but could be asked to sit aside when a vote is called.


Paths and Voices

There are brothers and sisters of the Steppe Alliance who come to the fore when the enemy is in sight, whose blades are ever ready and whose courage is never in question. They follow the Path of the Warrior. Brothers and sisters on this path choose a Voice of Action to ensure their voices are always heard.

There are brothers and sisters of the Steppe Alliance whose first thought is for their brothers and sisters, who look after their brother’s health and who use their blades to protect our families. They follow the Path of the Guardian. Brothers and sisters on this path choose a Voice of Caution to ensure their voices are always heard.

There are brothers and sisters of the Steppe Alliance who will hunt down knowledge like prey, who enjoy the puzzles that life throws at them and who would rather use their minds than their blades to fight the enemy. They follow the Path of the Wise. Brothers and sisters on this path choose a Voice of Reason to ensure their voices are always heard.

The Steppe Alliance choose a Voice of the Steppe who we entrust to speak with the voice of all of the Steppe. They are the one chosen to ensure that the will of their brothers and sisters is enacted.

We agree to uphold these ideals, regardless of the path we choose to tread.

Those who make their mark below declare themselves to be the Steppe Alliance: